October 18, 2019

PTI Staff

PTI has a dynamic, professional staff of seasoned law enforcement professionals

The Police Training Institute is proud to have a dynamic, professional staff that consists of a seasoned team of law enforcement professionals, executives, law enforcement trainers, and outreach professionals. This team brings decades of experience that enables them to present the CYCLE training curriculum and CYCLE Train the Trainer in a professional manner.

Team PTI:

John Shanks, National Director Police Training Institute

John is the National Director of the Police Training Institute and has been with the team from its inception.

Dr. Heather Silvio, Deputy Director Police Training Institute

Heather is our Deputy Director and a Subject Matter Expert on Informed Response to Trauma. Heather is our primary law enforcement instructor.

Ayanna A. King, Deputy Director of Community Outreach Police Training Institute

Ayanna is the Deputy Director of Community Outreach for Council of a Strong America’s Fight Crime: Invest in Kids’ Police Training Institute.

Merlene A. Vassall, Grants Management Associate Police Training Institute

Merlene is the Grants Management Associate and brings decades of proposal development and grants management experience to the Police Training Institute.

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