October 18, 2019

PTI Media Press Kit

This page provides resources and official information for news agencies, media outlets, reports and the public. The official point of contact for media relations for the Police Training Institute is PTI’s National Director, John Shanks at jshanks@fightcrime.org. For Council for a Strong America and Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, the CSA Communications & Marketing team can be reached via email at: communications@councilforastrongamerica.org.

The Police Training Institute is actively engaged in delivering our Connecting Youth & Communities with Law Enforcement (CYCLE) training program throughout the U.S. If we are coming to your community and you would like to know more about our organization and PTI’s work, please click on the links below.

Police Training Institute Overview
Police Training Institute - Connecting Youth & Communities with Law Enforcement One-Pager
Police Training Institute - Connecting Youth & Communities with Law Enforcement - Train the Trainer - One-Pager
Police Training Institute Tri-Fold Flier
Police Training Institute Media Release Templates
Police Training Institute Media Contact Sheet
Police Training Institute Photo Gallery:

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