December 6, 2017

International Pre- and Post-Summit Sessions

Engaging Business Leaders for Early Childhood in Your Country

A Two-Part Special Session for International Participants Before and After the 2018 Global Business Summit on Early Childhood Featuring the Directors of ReadyNation Romania and The Front Project in Australia

As part of the 2018 Global Business Summit on Early Childhood, ReadyNation is offering a two-part session (pre- and post-conference) to learn how to build a sustainable, country-based network of business champions for early childhood. These special sessions are intended for civic leaders, funders and children’s advocates who want to explore engaging the business community in their country. Session participants will learn how to make the best use of the Global Summit, including specific participants to seek out, and develop initial plans for taking action upon return home. The small group discussion format will address individual country situations and ensure participants get answers to their specific questions.

Event Location and Date:

  • Sessions will take place just before and after the Summit - from 9:00AM – 11:30AM on Thursday, 1 November, and 9:00AM – 11:00AM on Saturday, 3 November
  • The event will be held at the conference hotel, the Grand Hyatt in New York City
  • Participants sign up for the event through the general Summit registration process

The Global Business Summit on Early Childhood is the only training ground in the world for business people from outside the children’s sector to become unexpected – and uniquely influential – advocates for public and private investments in early childhood. Also at the Summit, civic leaders from across the globe learn how to find, recruit, educate, organize and mobilize executives to take action. Summit attendees from the U.S. must be business people or public officials; those from outside the U.S. can come from other sectors.

The Summit builds on ReadyNation’s 11 years of experience organizing the business community to support early childhood, including its past three years of work in a variety of countries outside the United States. ReadyNation International has partnered or is partnering with leaders in Uganda, Romania and Australia to run successful country-specific initiatives. Teams from Romania and Australia created their networks after attending the 2015 Global Business Summit and participating in similar pre- and post-conference sessions.

During the first pre-summit special session on November 1, participants will learn:

  • Why and how business leaders can be champions for early childhood
  • The wide variety of actions executives are taking now – in addition to efforts led by their CSR (corporate social responsibility) and philanthropy departments
  • An array of messages that most resonate with and motivate the business community (beyond just return on investment)
  • Differences between the business culture and children’s advocacy culture and how to bridge that gap
  • Common questions and concerns from the children’s sector related to how the business community can support best practices in early childhood
  • Approaches to collaboration with children’s experts and advocates that advance common objectives

Over the course of the Summit, participants will learn:

  • The perspective of senior executives from major companies on why they became engaged on this issue and their advice on attracting and effectively utilizing new champions
  • Examples of business leadership on major early childhood initiatives worldwide
  • New models for business action, especially engaging social entrepreneurship strategies to provide sustainable financing for early childhood programs
  • Leveraging the interest of major groups relevant to the business community worldwide
  • The new evidence that most effectively compels business leaders to take action

During the second, post-summit special session on November 3, participants will learn:

  • Different models of building a business network, including collaboration with existing business groups, creating a new NGO, and partnership with a children’s organization
  • The most effective early steps, as well as common mistakes in organizing the business community
  • Creating an agenda that appeals to the business community ReadyNation resources that can help country leaders take the next step

How to develop an initial action plan

After the Summit, ReadyNation staff will be available for one technical assistance conference call with leaders in the country to discuss possible next steps.

The sessions will be led by ReadyNation’s co-founder and Global Director, Dr. Sara Watson, who has worked with country leaders to create business partnerships in Uganda, Romania and Australia; and Director Daniel Frank, whose background includes international corporate law (with a focus on Europe and the Americas) and a term as Vice President of the Chile-U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Additional speakers include Carmen Lica, the director of ReadyNation RO, and Jane Hunt, CEO of the business network in Australia, The Front Project.

If you have questions or want more information about the special sessions, contact Dr. Sara Watson at or Daniel Frank at

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