December 6, 2017

About the 2018 Global Summit

Registration now open! This summit, ReadyNation’s 12th such event, is the only conference of its kind - bringing together more than 200 executives to inspire and equip them to take action to support young children in order to build the current and future workforce. Attendees will see what actions they can take at the local, state, national and international levels. The summit content is specifically designed for the the business community in the U.S. and globally.

Previous speakers have included Fortune 500 company CEOs, high-level policymakers, international researchers and media figures from outlets such as Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, and CNN. A follow-up survey after the previous event in 2015 found that 100% of respondents had taken action to support early childhood. To see the content for the 2015 event click here.

Testimonials from the 2015 Summit:

  • “Mind-opening, inspirational, challenging, action-oriented.”

  • “I attended with limited knowledge of ReadyNation and the importance of investing in early childhood development. What is learned was transformative. There is no doubt in my mind that this is an issue of critical importance to our nation and the world as a whole.”

  • “ReadyNation’s Global Business Summit continues to be an important event as we work to move our early childhood agenda forward. This year’s inclusion of our international partners should remind us even more that…it is important for our country’s future in an international society.”

U.S. participants must be business people (outside the early childhood sector), senior policy officials, economists or sponsors/funders. This includes staff from business groups such as chambers of commerce. A children’s advocate or other policy expert may attend with a team of at least four business people. Participants from outside the U.S. can be from any sector.

There will also be a special pre- and post-conference session for country teams that want to learn more about how to build a network of business champions for early childhood in their country.

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For questions about the pre- and post-conference international sessions, or for more information, or to suggest business speakers, email

To explore sponsoring the summit, contact ReadyNation Global Director Dr. Sara Watson at

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Planning Committee

We thank the following members of our Planning Committee for providing their expertise to help shape the Summit:

  • Kristal Pilot
  • Marc Hill
  • Will Burns
  • Nancy Moody
  • Carey Harris
  • Bob Buesing
  • Josh Copus
  • Joseph McMahon
  • Rob Grunewald
  • Steffanie Clothier
  • Liana Ghent
  • Bill Millett
  • Jo Kirchner
  • Sally McCrady
  • Jonathan Douglas
  • Julia Davison
  • Jennifer Hall
  • James Kolstad
  • Rob Smith