Factsheet | January 1, 2015

Early Education Strengthens At­-Risk Children and Families

High­-quality pre­-K puts at-­risk children on a track to success

The Bible teaches us that God created the family to be the primary place for educating a child (Dt. 6:4­9; Ps. 78:5­8; Pro. 1; Eph. 6:4; 2 Tim. 1:5). However, some parents experience more difficulty in child rearing than others—lacking the knowledge, resources or support of a spouse to raise their children. As a result, disadvantaged children are starting school far behind their classmates, and many never catch up—contributing to later dropout, teenage pregnancy, and other negative outcomes.

This factsheet spotlights research showing that high­ quality pre­-K increases the likelihood that at­-risk children succeed in school, find employment, and even become married before they have children.

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