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Colorado 2020 Census

Strengthening Colorado's Economy with a Strong 2020 Census

2020 Census

2020 Census

Why the Census Matters to Business

We understand the important role business and its leaders play as trusted community messengers, and having businesses engage with the 2020 Census will encourage hard-to-count segments of the population, like young children, rural households, and minority residents to participate. Businesses with employees, stores, and offices in regions where hard-to-count populations live are especially valuable in helping to ensure a complete count. Join us as we help make certain that all Coloradans participate in the Census 2020 and get their appropriate share of federal resources.

Colorado’s data-driven economy relies on timely information about the U.S. population and how it shifts and changes throughout the country. The decennial census provides the broadest set of data about residents in the United States that no other body produces.

  • Driving Successful Businesses: Census data is critical for helping companies determine where to open a new store, where quality employees are located, and what services and products to offer. Without census information, businesses would be left guessing.
  • Investing in a Strong Economy: Census data is used to effectively allocate roughly $800 billion in federal resources that help to strengthen the economy, including resources directed toward education, workforce development, transportation, and housing.
  • Strengthening the Business Voice: An undercount in Colorado could affect our ability to gain a seat in Congress, leading to fewer voices to protect Colorado businesses in Washington, DC.

Important dates for the Census

MARCH 12-20: Invitations to complete 2020 Census questionnaire online will be mailed

MARCH 16-24: Reminder letters will be mailed

MARCH 26-APRIL 3: A reminder postcard will be mailed


APRIL 8-16: Another reminder and a hard copy questionnaire will be mailed

APRIL 20-27: Final postcards will be mailed before an in-person follow-up

MAY 27: Door-to-door enumeration begins

AUGUST 14: Door-to-door enumeration ends

Census Business Resources

As trusted leaders across the state, Colorado’s businesses can help achieve a strong 2020 Census by encouraging their employees and/or customers to complete their census questionnaires between March and May 2020. Below are several resources that can help you get started:

Sesame Street census poster

Additional Information

Check out these videos and webinars about how business can support the 2020 Census.