Ashley Willson

Office Managing Partner, KPMG LLP

Ashley is a Jackson-based partner with the national healthcare practice of KPMG LLP, and also represents the Jackson office as partner leader on the MidSouth Business Unit Operations Committee and serves and the Jackson Office Managing Partner. Ashley has market leadership responsibility for KPMG Healthcare activities in Alabama, Mississippi, and West Tennessee, and devotes all of her professional time to serving healthcare providers, principally in the space associated with large community healthcare systems.

Ashley has more than 25 years of experience serving health care clients throughout Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, Arkansas and Georgia. Additionally, she has related experience in the payor segment of the insurance industry. She presently serves as the partner on audits for a variety of healthcare companies, ranging from large healthcare systems to community hospitals. In addition to financial statement auditing, Ashley’s career has included preparation and reviews of Medicare and Medicaid cost reporting, managing a number of financial management and reimbursement consulting projects for various health care providers, completing rotational responsibility in KPMG’s national strategy practice, serving as a national KPMG instructor and on the area Assurance Support Team for KPMG, and serving as a member of KPMG’s quality review team.