Michael Harlow

State Director, Ohio

Michael Harlow joined Council for a Strong America in 2017, bringing nearly 20 years of policy and legislative experience to the organization.

Prior to becoming the State Director in Ohio, Michael served as a policy analyst for the Ohio Department of Education. Much of his research work focused on school improvements, accountability, school governance, and educator effectiveness. He also coordinated stakeholder engagement efforts for producing Ohio’s state plan as required under the new Every Student Succeeds Act.

He has been a freelance political consultant and overseen grassroots advocacy efforts for policy victories at the state and Federal level. Early in his career, he worked in the local office for a Member of Congress in Ohio, and later as a consultant for KnowledgeWorks, a Cincinnati-based social enterprise dedicated to improving educational outcomes for children in poverty. He served on the Northwest Local Board of Education in Hamilton County, Ohio, from 2014-2018.