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For more information and to sign up for the Business for the 2020 Census network, visit the form below.

Join Business for the 2020 Census

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The Business for the 2020 Census network is a free, virtual, bipartisan listserv for business persons across the United States from companies, trade associations and business membership organizations. The dual objectives of the Network are to support an accurate 2020 Census, including adequate federal funding to conduct the count, and later, if members desire, assistance with encouraging residents to participate in the census. American businesses rely on population data from the census to understand the workforce, customers and markets. Census data also ensures that roughly $800 billion in federal resources including education, workforce development and transportation funding are allocated appropriately and where they will have the greatest impact. Political representation at the local, state and national level is determined based on data obtained from the census as well.

Highlights of this unique, time-limited (summer 2018 - 2020) network are as follows:

  • Membership is private, the list is never shared publicly

  • No dues to participate

  • No meetings, the network is virtual

  • No obligations: Members choose their level of participation on a case-by-case basis. Members will be invited to lend their name to tactics such as business sign-on letters; earned media pieces (e.g., op-ed); and communications with Members of Congress (e.g., phone call, emails, meetings). Later, members will receive opportunities to help educate and encourage employees, customers and the general public to complete census forms.

  • Members participate as individuals, with title and business affiliation listed for identification purposes only if and when members agree to participate in an opportunity.

  • Time to participate is minimal: Members agree to receive approximately 6-8 emails per year, many of which are informational. Any actual request for action that a member considers will be fully supported by our team with draft op-eds, talking points, etc. to make the opportunity as streamlined as possible and minimizing the member’s time if (s)he chooses to participate.