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ReadyNation's international work expands the global workforce through smart investments in early childhood

ReadyNation International

Since 2014, ReadyNation expanded its reach to include work outside the United States under the name ReadyNation International (RNI). RNI helps countries around the world create their own networks of business champions to advance public and private investments in young children in order to improve the future global workforce. While the ReadyNation domestic network has about 3,000 business leader members, RNI counts on approximately 200 members internationally.

To achieve this, RNI pursues a multi-pronged approach:

  • Technical assistance to help countries create their own networks of business champions who take a variety of actions to support young children
  • Hold high-profile business leader summits on early childhood
  • Provide research that makes the economic case for early childhood investments and showcases global business leadership
  • ReadyNation leadership participates in international speaking engagements to provide information on the “why” and “how” to organize business leaders to support early childhood development

To learn more about our partner business networks and other engagements on early childhood outside the U.S., click here.