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Building a stronger America by ensuring that children become successful adults

Council for a Strong America (CSA) is a national, bipartisan nonprofit that unites membership organizations including law enforcement leaders (Fight Crime: Invest in Kids), retired admirals and generals (Mission: Readiness), and business executives (ReadyNation), that promote evidence-based solutions that ensure the next generation of Americans will be prepared for successful lives.

Since 1996, CSA has worked tirelessly and successfully to champion public policies and investments that strengthen families, communities, the economy, and the nation. Areas of focus include early care and education, home visiting, afterschool programs, nutrition and physical activity, and early childhood mental health.

Key to CSA’s success are its 8,000+ members who, assisted by its staff, educate state and national policymakers on how supports for children and families help keep communities safe, promote economic vitality, and bolster military preparedness. CSA’s members, due to their positions in their communities, often have relationships with policymakers, making them especially effective in driving policy change.

CSA is headquartered in Washington, DC, and has state offices in Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Maine, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington State and a project director in Mississippi. CSA also conducts substantial work in additional states and at the federal level through staff based in Washington, DC. With members in every state and nearly every Congressional district, CSA has the capacity to drive policy proposals “over the finish line” at the state and federal levels.

CSA is an indispensable ally to child advocates and other stakeholders because it is able to engage influential local, state, and national leaders who can credibly tie investments in children and families to community safety, national security and a vital economy. CSA deeply values its partnerships with other children’s advocacy organizations and everything CSA does is in collaboration with its partners. In states where CSA has on-the-ground staff, they are standing contributors to, and often help lead, state coalitions. CSA never advocates for, or achieves, a policy goal alone, and its objectives are always planned and shared by multiple organizations working together.

CSA is supported by tax-deductible contributions from foundations, individuals, and corporations.