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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Council for a Strong America engages law enforcement, military, and business leaders who promote evidence-based policies and programs that enable kids to be healthy, well-educated and prepared for productive lives.

Vision Statement

To strengthen the nation by promoting solutions that prepare young people to succeed.

Theory of Change

A strong nation depends on all children––regardless of family income, race, ethnicity or ZIP code—having the opportunity to grow up and be successful. State and federal public policies have a profound impact on children’s and families’ opportunities, and policy change in our democracy does not happen in a vacuum. Elected leaders must make difficult choices given budgetary constraints and a range of state and national priorities.

CSA influences conversations related to government programs and policies for children by engaging business, law enforcement and retired military leaders from across the country who connect the research on child development, education and health to the strength of economy, public safety and national security. In close collaboration with partner organizations, CSA educates policymakers and raises public awareness in order to build the broad, bipartisan consensus necessary to improve opportunities for kids through sustainable, long-lasting policy change.