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Retired admirals and generals strengthening national security by ensuring kids stay in school, stay fit, and stay out of trouble

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The more than 600 retired admirals, generals, and other top military leaders who are members of Mission: Readiness recognize that the strength of our country depends on a strong military. Since 2009, Mission: Readiness has championed evidence-based, bipartisan state and federal public policy solutions that are proven to prepare our youth to be citizen-ready and able to serve their nation in any way they choose.


February 15, 2017

Visiting One of America’s Healthiest Schools

While visiting Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School, a Mission: Readiness member saw firsthand how healthy meals and increased physical activity during the school day helps prepare students for success in the classroom


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    Military Weighs in on Reduced PE Requirements

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    Retired Generals Oppose Grand Bargain's Lower Phys Ed Standards

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  1. Admiral James Loy

    U.S. Coast Guard (Retired)

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