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Fight Crime: Invest in Kids

Thousands of police chiefs, sheriffs, prosecutors, and violence survivors protecting public safety by promoting solutions that steer kids away from crime

Founded in 1996, Fight Crime: Invest in Kids takes a hard-nosed look at the strategies proven to reduce crime. Armed with research, our more than 5,000 members make the case for solutions that cut crime and put kids on the path to productive lives.


September 20, 2023

Child Care Educators Set Young Kids on the Path to Success

A qualified, well-compensated teaching staff is key to quality child care and future public safety


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Featured Members

  1. Mike Brown

    Chief of Police, Salt Lake City, UT

  2. Susan Manheimer

    Former Interim Chief of Police, Oakland Police Department

  3. Joe L. Garza

    Chief of Police, Reedley Police Department

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Fight Crime: Invest in Kids has a presence in almost every state.

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