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Additional information and frequently asked questions about Fight Crime: Invest in Kids

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fight Crime: Invest in Kids?

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids is a national, non-profit, bipartisan organization of over 5,000 chiefs of police, sheriffs, prosecutors, attorneys general and violence survivors who advocate for investments in evidence-based programs that keep kids on a path to success and away from the criminal justice system.

Where are you located?

Our national office is located in Washington, DC, but we have state offices in California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Maine, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington. Every state has an assigned staff person, click here to see the staff member who will be working with you.

What does Fight Crime Invest in Kids do?

With the help of member voices, Fight Crime: Invest in Kids achieves its mission by: compiling research reports and analyzing public policy; generating earned (not paid) public education media campaigns; and educating policymakers.

What issues does Fight Crime: Invest in Kids advocate for?

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids continues to advocate for accessible, affordable, high-quality early care and education for kids from birth to age five; voluntary parent coaching to at-risk parents of young children through home visiting; effective school day and afterschool programs to improve school climate and to keep kids on track; and programs that help kids who have had contact with the juvenile justice system by providing them and their parents effective interventions to steer them away from crime.

What do members do?

Members advance this mission by signing letters to policymakers, writing op-eds or letters to the editor, meeting with local, state, and federal legislators, testifying in front of legislative committees, or participating in press events.

Who can join?

Our membership is composed of law enforcement leaders (police chiefs, sheriffs, prosecutors, and attorneys general). We also have an associate membership program, which is open to anyone in the law enforcement community.

Can my Community Resource Officer/School Resource Officer/Outreach Officer join?

We welcome them to join as Associate Members, and we hope that you join as a Member as well. As important as officers’ voices are to our mission, the most influential voice in any law enforcement agency is the leader, whose voice enables us to reverberate our message farther .

What do I get out of this?

We provide you the research and communications capacity, talking points, and legislative and media relationships to help amplify your voice on issues we both care about. After our 25 years, lawmakers and the public alike know that our members care about the success of kids and families in their communities.

How much does it cost to join?

$0. It is completely free!

How often do I need to interact with the organizations?

As little or as much as you like. When an opportunity arises to have your voice heard on an issue, we will send you an email. If you agree with what we are advocating, you can join our efforts. If you disagree with our request, that is totally fine. We will never force you to sign your name onto something you do not support.

Does Fight Crime: Invest in Kids run programs for kids like preschool or afterschool programs?

No. Our work is advocacy-based rather than program-based. We do not run or coordinate any programs. We do give legislators the information and support they need to fund or create programs that help kids succeed and steer them away from the criminal justice system.

How is Fight Crime: Invest in Kids funded?

Fight Crime: Invest In Kids is supported by tax-deductible contributions from foundations, individuals, and corporations. Fight Crime: Invest In Kids receives no funds from federal, state, or local governments.