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Protecting the future for all children in the Centennial State.

Colorado is considered to be one of the most desirable states in the nation, yet the challenges associated with access to child care, especially for infants and toddlers, is a barrier to the stability of our families. Our recent national study shows that the economy across the country loses $122 billion annually as these challenges cause families to miss, quit, or reduce work. Our law enforcement, military, and business leaders are helping Colorado adopt appropriate policies to ensure that our kids get the right start in life and are healthy, well educated, and prepared for a successful future.


April 2, 2024

$2.7 Billion: The Growing, Annual Cost of the Infant-Toddler Child Care Crisis in Colorado

Impacts affect families, businesses, and taxpayers


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Connect with Us

Michael Cooke, State Director
P.O. Box 11097 Englewood, CO 80151

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