Blog | March 2, 2023

Colorado Brain Science Speakers Bureau

Dr. Amelia Bachleda shared a presentation on early childhood brain development and how quality child care can help nurture growth

On February 28, Council for a Strong America and ReadyNation Colorado held a webinar to highlight a crucial period of brain development, ages 0-3. Burnie Zercher, the owner of Industrial Constructors/Managers, Inc. and a ReadyNation member, and Amelia Bachleda, Ph.D., of I-Labs at the University of Washington and a member of ReadyNation’s Brain Science Speakers Bureau, discussed early learning and how the brain matures, beginning before birth.

Dr. Bachleda is an Outreach and Education Specialist at the University of Washington’s Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences. I-LABS is a leading research institute devoted to understanding learning and the brain. Dr. Bachleda’s professional background bridges the gap between two distinct fields: education and neuroscience. She holds a Ph.D. in neurobiology, and, as an outreach specialist, specializes in sharing the science of human in actionable formats.

In her presentation, Dr. Bachleda explained that our brains make the most connections during early childhood. The learning that occurs during the youngest years lays a vital foundation for future academic success, as well as executive functioning skills. Mr. Zercher, a Colorado business leader, remarked that the early brain development from ages 0-3 can also help create a skilled workforce down the road. Quality early education impacts both the current and future labor markets as parents rely on child care to be productive at work and children learn the necessary skills to thrive later in life.

As Colorado continues to expand its early childhood programs, it is critical to remember the long-term impact of early learning and ensure the highest quality of care.

Watch the presentation:

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