Report | October 24, 2019

Oregon Kids Soar with Early Education Investments

Providing high-quality pre-kindergarten is key to success

High-quality pre-kindergarten can help get children started on the right path in life, setting a course toward academic success and sustainable careers, and away from a life of crime. Fortunately, Oregon recently increased investments in such programs through passage of the Student Success Act, which will provide about $2 billion in additional funding for children birth to 12th grade over the next two years. Approximately $400 million of these funds will be concentrated on initiatives for children birth to age five, with $75 million specifically allocated towards preschool slots, allowing the state to serve an additional 5,223 children.

Attending pre-kindergarten can reduce the likelihood by half that participants will later be charged with a crime or arrested and ultimately serve time in jail or prison.

Yet, this funding is still not sufficient, as there remain more than 20,000 children in low-income families who will still not have access to pre-kindergarten. Further, Oregon’s teachers and programs need to be high-quality to ensure children will fully benefit from attending pre-kindergarten. Oregon’s law enforcement leaders know that our youth are our future, and we need to make sure they are given the tools to succeed, by providing them with high-quality pre-kindergarten.

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