Report | June 13, 2019

Child Care Benefits Ohio's Current and Future Workforce

Impact of child care challenges felt by families, employers, and taxpayers.

A skilled, productive workforce is essential for a strong Ohio economy. High-quality, affordable child care supports this workforce, both now and into the future, by providing children with stimulating activities to develop their cognitive and socio-emotional abilities. These programs also enables parents to concentrate while at work, and, in turn, to focus on their career paths.

Over two-thirds of Ohio’s children under the age of six, or more than half a million kids, have all available parents in the workforce. Yet, not all of these children had access to child care in 2017, as Ohio’s rural counties have a disproportionately low number of child care centers, making it very difficult for families in those areas to find adequate care.

This lack of affordable, high-quality care damages Ohio’s current productivity while also putting the future workforce at risk. This ReadyNation report shows that increasing eligibility for child care and increasing child care reimbursement will help Ohio have the workforce it needs to compete and succeed in the global marketplace today and tomorrow.

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