Resource | February 28, 2020

New York BabyCorps Toolkit

Welcome to BabyCorps!

Thank you for your participation in Council for a Strong America’s BabyCorps. You are joining fellow leaders from different sectors across New York who are committed to improving outcomes for infants and toddlers. BabyCorps’ mission is to build your knowledge and understanding of why investing in the earliest months of life is critical to the economy, public safety and national security. In the coming months, we’ll work together to be a powerful voice that can help move key policy initiatives that support New York infants, toddlers, and their families.

To support you in this mission, we have created the BabyCorps toolkit. This toolkit contains some foundational research and messaging materials that you can review at your convenience to begin to familiarize yourself with the most pressing issues surrounding infants and toddlers. As always, however, Council for a Strong America staff will work to identify opportunities to act and will fully prepare you for each engagement in which you choose to participate, such as a meeting with a policymaker or authoring an opinion editorial.

We will also be hosting a kick-off gathering in the Syracuse area in February. This will provide an opportunity for you to meet your BabyCorps peers and review further research and policy materials provided at that time. If you are interested in submitting a press release to your local news outlet regarding your BabyCorps membership, please let me know.

BabyCorps is an exciting new effort for Council for a Strong America, and we thank you for your leadership. I will remain your first point of contact for BabyCorps work.


Catherine Van Ness


The BabyCorps tool-kit includes:

Research Reports


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