Brief | January 1, 2014

Operation: Hydration

How providing water in California schools Can Help children become healthier adults

Being overweight or obese is the leading medical reason why young adults cannot join the military. In California, approximately 40 percent of ninth graders are overweight or obese.

Studies link rising obesity rates to the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, among other factors. These are beverages include sodas, sports drinks, and fruit-flavored drinks. Water is an essential, calorie-free alternative that can be used to help combat childhood obesity and improve students’ readiness to learn by maintaining proper hydration.

Despite state and federal laws requiring all schools in California to provide access to free, clean drinking water to students during school meals at food service areas, approximately one in four California schools does not provide free, safe drinking water to students where food is served. This report outlines the national security case for improving the availability of water in California schools.


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