Report | August 21, 2019

Pre-K to Third Grade Investments Build A Foundation for Mississippi Students’ Success

How investing in their early years will help make young Mississippians workforce-ready, military-eligible, and crime-free

Across the state of Mississippi, investments in early childhood literacy will help establish firm foundations for our youth for the rest of their lives. In particular, third grade literacy scores have shown to have a significant link to high school graduation rates.

Building a pipeline of prepared students begins in the earliest years, and must begin by preschool or even earlier. Yet, despite state investments to prioritize early childhood education, only 1 in 20 Mississippi has access to state-funded preschool and only one in three entering kindergartners demonstrates readiness to succeed in school.

As a retired Army general and current business professional, I know that children need a foundation of strong literacy skills to excel in school and in any career, military or civilian.

Larry Harrington, Major General (Ret.) U.S. Army

The foundations we lay in students’ early years are pivotal not only for their success, but for our strength as a nation. Well-educated students will ultimately graduate high school ready for college and any career they choose, including the military. Improving education, too, improves public safety and reduces crime.

To invest in kids’ future success, we must support high-quality preschool and investments in early literacy, including literacy coaches. Doing so will build Mississippi’s economy, protect our national security, and increase public safety.

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