June 9, 2020

2020 Census Handouts to Engage Business Owners, Customers and Employees

ReadyNation has developed handouts and flyers to help communities engage businesses and to help businesses promote the 2020 Census with their customers and employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Handout to Engage Business Owners and Operators:

Business owners and operators can have a tremendous impact on achieving a complete 2020 Census, but they may need a concrete activity to get involved, especially due to disruptions caused by the public health crisis. This brief handout explains why the census is important for a strong economy and recovery from COVID-19, and encourages businesses to participate in a specific “get out the count” activity.

The first link below involves asking a business to distribute census flyers (listed in the next section) to their customers and employees. The second link involves an entirely customizable so that it can be edited to support specific census activities:

Flyer to Engage Employees and Customers:

The below links to flyers can be distributed by businesses in a variety of ways including grocery bags, take-out food and employee paychecks. It can also simply be used as a handout.

General Flyers
Illinois Flyers
Flyers with No Logo