Letters to Lawmakers | August 4, 2020

Law Enforcement and Business Leaders Ask Governor Mills For Further Child Care Funding

70 Fight Crime: Invest in Kids and ReadyNation Members Sign Their Names To Support The State’s Child Care Sector

Last Tuesday, July 28, over 70 members from both Fight Crime: Invest in Kids Maine and ReadyNation signed letters to Governor Mills, advocating for greater funding support for child care.

The letters praised Governor Mills for her including an additional $8.4 million for the child care industry from Maine’s federal relief funds provided in the CARES Act. And the letters asked Governor Mills to continue her prioritization of the child care sector by fully funding the Economic Recovery Committee’s recommendations. These recommendations include providing $20 million to support child care providers for our youngest children and $25 million to support child care for school-age children, so that they can safely return to school, and their parents to work.

Thank you to all our Fight Crime: Invest in Kids and ReadyNation signers, who raised their voice to ensure that Maine continues to prioritizes stability for the fragile child care sector in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Caribou Chief Michael Gahagan
Caribou Chief Michael Gahagan at the Aroostook Community Action Program child care program
Dana Connors reading to children
ReadyNation member Dana Connors reading to preschoolers at a child care center

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