Op-Ed | February 5, 2016

The Importance of Community College

ReadyNation members Ralph Schulz and Richard Rhoda pen an op-ed in support of community college as a way of bridging the skills gap

ReadyNation members in Tennessee, Ralph Schulz and Richard Rhoda make the case that community colleges are essential to keeping the American workforce strong in this op­ed in the Nashville Business Journal. They point out that, in an increasingly demanding job market, more workers will need postsecondary education. Community colleges are a cost­-effective, accessible way for many Americans to get the education they need to compete, which, in turn, helps businesses have enough qualified employees to meet their needs.

Why are community colleges so important to business? Companies across the state and the nation need a prolific feeder system for skilled workers. And our existing ‘pipeline’ simply isn’t producing enough of these workers.