Op-Ed | March 17, 2015

The Conservative Business Case for Early Education Funding

In an op­-ed in Roll Call, KPMG’s Randy Laszewski makes the business case for early childhood education and preschool

ReadyNation member Randy Laszewski, Partner, Professional Practice at KPMG LLP, wrote an op­-ed in Roll Call called the Conservative Business Case for Early Education Funding.

In it, he lists the reasons he supports investing in quality early childhood education. Early learning becomes an economic issue when children who enter kindergarten are unprepared, fail to catch up in school, and enter the workforce without the skills they need to succeed. This skills gap costs businesses that need to retrain unqualified workers. Instead, he urges for support of national investment in high­-quality preschool programs. Universal access to preschool benefits kids­­and their future employers­­by helping children build a strong foundation of skills and knowledge that prepares them for school and the workforce.

As a Republican with a vested interest in the quality of our workforce, I know that making more federal money available to improve preschool programs and expand access to more low and moderate-­income families would be a smart step for the economy. That’s a bottom­-line impact.