Event | Event | March 11, 2015

Mission: Readiness Members Testify Before Illinois General Assembly

Retired generals and admirals met with state lawmakers to make the case for quality pre-K and PE in K-12

Retired military leaders testified before the Illinois Senate’s State Government and Veterans Affairs Committee to urge policymakers to make early learning and physical education top priorities for Illinois.

Lieutenant General (Ret.) Randy Rigby, Brigadier General (Ret.) William Austin, and Vice Admiral (Ret.) Nancy Brown also met with legislative leaders. The generals and admiral emphasized that quality early childhood education programs enable children to build the cognitive, academic and social skills that lay the foundation for success.

State lawmakers were told that a shocking 71 percent of young Illinoisans are ineligible for military service. Quality early learning, enhanced daily physical education in grades K-12, and safer opportunities for biking and walking to school can help more young Illinoisans grow up ready for their choice of career, college, or military service.

000MR_Members Testify Before Illinois General Assembly


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