Report | December 1, 2015

Early Education Means More High­ School Graduations

Oregon's graduation rates still near the bottom of the U.S. Here's how high­-quality early education can help turn that around

Oregon’s graduation rates still remain low compared to other states

While there has been improvement, Oregon’s high school graduation rate still remains fourth from the bottom among all states: ­only 72 percent of high­-school students graduate within four years. High­-quality early education can help increase Oregon’s high school graduation’s rate.

High­-quality preschool can improve students’ school performance and prevent crime

Various studies of high­-quality preschool programs have shown to improve students’ performance. Michigan’s state preschool program increased graduation rates by 35 percent, and children who participated in the Abecedarian early education program completed 1.2 more years of education.

In addition, children who did not participate in Chicago’s Child­Parent Centers (CPC) preschool program were 70 more likely to be arrested for a violent crime by age 18 than those who participated.

Quality is Key

In order to get strong results, programs must be providing high­-quality services. Law enforcement leaders know that quality education can improve graduation rates and decrease crime.

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