Video | July 6, 2021

Business Leaders Supporting Child Care

Business leaders explain the importance of child care

In a new ReadyNation video series, business leaders from across the country are sharing why child care is so important to their employees and the economy at large. Each week, a different ReadyNation member will share their unique perspective on why it is imperative to protect and strengthen the child care sector.

The vlogs appear in reverse chronological order.

Billy Canary, Retired President and CEO, Business Council of Alabama

Retired President and CEO of the Business Council of Alabama, Billy Canary, shares the critical importance of child care, particularly for infants and toddlers. As a prominent member of the Alabama business community, he has seen first-hand the impact of reliable, affordable child care for working parents and employers alike. Canary shares how businesses and government can come together to address the shortcomings of our child care system and ensure kids and parents have access to the care they need.

Jack Brennan, Chairman Emeritus, Vanguard

Jack Brennan (Chairman Emeritus, former CEO, and Senior Advisor with Vanguard) shares why access to high-quality, affordable child care for infants and toddlers is crucial to our economic recovery and development. He explains that child care is a critical consideration for reopening businesses and retaining parents in the workforce.

Jack McBride, CEO, Contec, Inc.

Jack McBride underscores the irreplaceable, earliest years of learning, noting that healthy brain development for infants and toddlers is essential for building the foundational skills that set these young children up for success in school, work, and life as they grow. Investments in high-quality early child care help put young children on a path to that success.

Jennifer Flynn Dear, Managing Director of Community Impact, KPMG

Jennifer Flynn Dear, Managing Director of Community Impact for KPMG, explains how high-quality child care plays a vital role in early childhood brain development. She also notes how the infant-and-toddler child care crisis keeps many businesses and employees from operating at full-strength.

Antwanye Ford, President & CEO, Enlightened, Inc. and Vice Chair, U.S. Black Chamber of Commerce

President & CEO of Enlightened, Inc. and Vice Chair of the U.S. Black Chamber of Commerce, Antwanye Ford, shares his perspective on how high-quality, affordable child care impacts the workforce and overall economy. He highlights that the infant-and-toddler child care crisis is a critical business issue and more must be done to preserve and strengthen the early childhood sector.

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