Brief | October 6, 2021

Colorado’s New Agency for Early Childhood and Universal Pre-K Program

Business community recommendations for evidence-based investments in early childhood education

High quality early childhood care and education is critical to the success of Colorado’s workforce, businesses, and economy. As such, Colorado advocates take great interest in the work legislators are doing to establish a new state agency for early childhood and institute a universal pre-kindergarten program.

Many Colorado families currently lack access to high quality, reliable early care and education opportunities for their children. For many, this critical service is either not available, not affordable, and/or not accessible. Through Colorado’s new universal pre-kindergarten program and agency for early childhood, we have the opportunity to ensure our youngest learners get a strong start to their educational careers and are prepared to compete and succeed in school, work, and life.

It is imperative that children, families, and educators be at the center of these new supports. The briefs below, released by advocacy organizations ReadyNation, Colorado Succeeds, and EPIC, offer actionable and specific recommendations to build a brighter future for all Colorado students.


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