Report | November 16, 2021

Child Care Providers: The Workforce Behind the Workforce in North Carolina

Child care staff support current employees and help build the labor force of tomorrow

The business leaders of ReadyNation in North Carolina recognize that high-quality early care and education programs are a powerful way to give kids a strong start and help prepare them for success in school and life. Research shows that high-quality child care enhances children’s cognitive, social, and emotional development. However, to achieve optimal results, programs must be high-quality. One of the most fundamental components of quality is highly-qualified early educators who are well-trained both before and during their service and who need to be adequately compensated. Bolstering the early childhood workforce is an essential aspect of increasing child care supply and children’s access. Without enough qualified teachers, there will be an inadequate supply of child care, rendering any other solutions moot. North Carolina policymakers must address the needs of the child care workforce, to ensure that the system supports working parents today and helps build the workforce of tomorrow.

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