Report | July 6, 2014

The Crime Prevention Case for Children's Healthcare in Arizona

In 2014, 14,000 children were dropped from the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). For the law enforcement leaders in Arizona, children not having health care is a matter of public safety

Law enforcement leaders are not experts in health care. However, they are experts in dealing with the consequences and costs of troubled young adults with behavioral and substance abuse problems who are not getting the health care they needed. Officers’ lives are put at risk when dealing with violent incidents, and they are among the first responders to alcohol-involved car crashes. Police officers are also often tasked with notifying the parents or other family members when there is a fatality.

The law enforcement leaders of Fight Crime: Invest in Kids in Arizona are concerned about the 14,000 children who have been dropped from the Children’s Health Insurance Program in Arizona, and what will happen if troubled children and teens do not have access to the affordable and effective care they need.


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