Report | September 28, 2015

A Healthy Bottom Line

High-quality early childhood care and education is critical to a healthy, productive workforce

This report, A Healthy Bottom Line, spotlights the staggering costs of poor health in America, and the promise of early childhood education to become part of the solution.

Healthcare costs are weighing on American businesses

Poor health among today’s and tomorrow’s adults is jeopardizing businesses’ ability to compete in the global economy. With health insurance costs consuming 45 percent of private industry’s annual profits, and low productivity and sick days among workers costing employers nearly $260 billion every year, the nation’s business leaders have ample reason for concern.

The early years matter for later health

Mounting evidence shows that the foundation for good health lies in the earliest years. That’s why greater access to high­-quality early care and education imperative for promoting economic success and a culture of health. See our related infographic.

While there are multiple causes of these problems, improving early childhood education and experiences are one simple step toward a solution. Research shows how these experiences can help at­ risk kids build social skills and foster behaviors and outcomes that improve personal health and reduce health care costs over a lifetime.

Read the report

Read the report to learn why 1,500 business leaders view quality early childhood experiences and education as a key step toward a healthy economy.


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