Report | March 28, 2022

Investments in High-Quality Home Visiting is Key to a Strong Texas Economy

Texas’s voluntary, high-quality home visiting programs can cultivate academic success and improve child outcomes and well-being

Preparing children to flourish in adulthood is vital to building and sustaining a thriving economy. Supporting parents during the prenatal and early childhood years is one of the most effective ways of putting children on a successful path. This is particularly important for parents who face compounding adversities—such as poverty, unemployment, teenage pregnancy, or single parenthood—as well as those who lack access to resources and models of positive parenting.

High quality home visiting will help strengthen Texas families for generations and maximize the potential benefit their children receive in early childhood services to build the workforce we need to keep Texas’ economy strong.

Katie Ferrier, Vice President Education & Workforce Development, San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

High-quality home-visiting programs have proven to be a powerful intervention in helping families to build strong foundations that lead to later life success, particularly for those who are economically disadvantaged. These programs provide education and vital support to new parents as they adjust to the vast responsibilities of child-rearing. Importantly, they offer mentorship from a trained educator, from pregnancy into the first few years of a child’s life, providing tools that can guard against unhealthy parenting and child-rearing practices, as well as promote self-efficacy and self-advocacy. Home visiting also has societal benefits that extend well beyond the family. High-quality home-visiting programs strengthen the economy by promoting academic success, healthy behaviors, and economic independence. When children and families are functioning well, our state and our nation benefit.

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