Brief | April 7, 2022

Enhancing Public Safety Through Early Education

Increasing access to high-quality preschool programs will pay off for Pennsylvania

The law enforcement leaders of Fight Crime: Invest in Kids know that one of the best ways to keep children from becoming involved in crime later on is to make sure they have a foundation for success in their earliest years. By providing access to high-quality preschool education for kids today, we can see less crime and incarceration in the future, while reaping enormous economic and societal benefits. Pennsylvania policymakers must act now to help our state realize these public safety benefits by increasing investments in high-quality early education to serve more children and to support programs in recruiting and retaining well-trained, adequately-compensated teachers.

Prioritizing resources for early learning programs will help put kids on the path to educational success while also making our communities safer and saving taxpayer dollars.

Sheriff Kevin M. Kraus, Allegheny County


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