Blog | June 27, 2022

Significant Early Learning Investments in Mississippi Provide Opportunities for Kids and Families

Expanding Mississippi pre-K helps children and the workforce

The Mississippi Early Childhood Investment Council (ECIC), comprised of prominent business leaders across Mississippi and organized by ReadyNation Mississippi, champions children and investments in pre-K. The ECIC continues to positively impact policies and programs to help Mississippi’s children succeed.

Rachel Canter of Mississippi First previously shared the top priorities for the state pre-K programs with the ECIC. During this most recent legislative session, many ECIC members made calls and authored blogs, letters, and opinion editorials to amplify the conversation around significant investments in Mississippi’s early learning programs and supports, especially for those most vulnerable.

Senator Wiggins’ recent comments perfectly sum up the excitement and the bright future of Early Education in Mississippi.

“Since 2022, twelve new collaboratives have been approved to join the state’s pre-K program. These new programs will provide 3,000+ students better access to high-quality early learning centers, with an additional 3,000 students expected later this year after the 2022 appropriation goes into effect, bringing the total number of students enrolled to more than 9,000 by 2023.”

Senator Wiggins continues, “The impact on these families and the students’ elementary readiness will change their lives and the future of our state. The legislature’s expansion of the ELCs to $24M this year will enable the program to reach 25 percent of Mississippi’s 4-year-olds.” This investment in the Early Learning collaboratives during the 2022 legislative session and the legislature’s historic pay raise for teachers and teaching assistants will ensure a bright future for Mississippi’s students, families, and teachers. Great things are on the horizon in Mississippi, and early learning advocates are excited to see children in the state get a great start in life!


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