Report | June 18, 2015

Quality Preschool Matters Most

The business case for investments in high-quality early learning in Washington

Quality preschool has, on average, a net return of nearly $30,000 per child. This means better outcomes for our economy and our families, and more effective use of our tax dollars.

Yet, currently, 27,000 children eligible for Washington’s publicly-funded early learning program, the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP), are not being served due to capacity and funding limitations—putting them at greater risk for showing up in kindergarten not ready to learn and possibly continuing to fall behind their peers.

This report details the importance of expanding access to quality early education programs in Washington state and defines the components of such a program. Those attributes include strong political leadership, a compelling vision and strategy championed by senior education and early learning leaders, and lead teachers with baccalaureate degrees and early learning credentials delivering proven curriculum with fidelity.

The report was distributed to the full membership of the Washington state legislature in support of the proposed Early Start Act and to fund the quality rating and improvement system called “Early Achievers.”


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