September 15, 2023

Child Care Workforce Report Social Media Toolkit

Sample posts to help promote Fight Crime: Invest in Kids new child care workforce report

Help us spread the word about our new report, “Child Care Educators Set Young Kids on the Path to Success” by using our social media toolkit and graphics below. Feel free to craft your own message and be sure to tag us on Twitter @FightCrime and use the hashtag #ECEWorkforce.

Please note that the report page will not go live until September 20th, 2023 at 9:00 AM ET.


Tweet 1: Early educators are the foundation of high-quality child care. #ECEWorkforce Learn more from the recent @FightCrime report:

Tweet 2: Since 2020, there are -40,800 fewer child care educators nationwide. Learn more about this #ECEWorkforce shortage from @FightCrime here:

Tweet 3: How poorly is the #ECEWorkforce paid in your state? See the new @FightCrime national report appendix.

Tweet 4: The child care workforce is shrinking. Read @FightCrime’s new national report to see how policymakers can support the essential #ECEWorkforce

Tweet 5: Grambling, LA police chief Tommy Clark, Jr. helped @FightCrime release a new national report on the early childhood workforce on Capitol Hill. #ECEWorkforce Use this graphic

Tweet 6: Read @FightCrime’s new national report on the early childhood workforce. #ECEWorkforce Use this graphic

Tweet 7: Why do law enforcement leaders care about the #ECEWorkforce? Read @FightCrime’s new national report to find out. Use this graphic


Post 1: Child care settings are a key environment for young children’s development, particularly given the importance of the early years for brain development. Read more from the new @FightCrime report here:

Post 2: Studies have found that early education has the potential to positively change life path trajectories for children, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds who face compounding barriers to success. Read the full @FightCrime report here:

Post 3: Providing children with high-quality child care in infancy and early childhood can buffer against risk factors and disadvantages, and facilitate the development of skills and accessibility to resources needed to avoid crime and have successful life outcomes. Learn more from @FightCrime:


Download the graphics here.

FCIK 23 Nate Drekman
FCIK 23 Jennifer Webb-McRae
FCIK 23 Tommy Clark Jr.
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