Report | October 3, 2023

Prioritizing Investments in Voluntary Home Visiting Strengthens Mississippi’s Economic Future

Mississippi’s voluntary, high-quality parental support programs can cultivate foundational skills and improve family stability

Building and sustaining a thriving Mississippi economy are contingent upon an educated and well-prepared workforce. Supporting parents and providing guidance during the prenatal and early childhood years is one of the most effective ways of cultivating children who can later fully participate in the labor force and become positive contributors to society. This is particularly vital for parents who face adversities—such as poverty, unemployment, teenage pregnancy, or single parenthood—that can hamper their ability to create and provide the environments needed for optimal brain development. Home visiting has proven to be a critical tool–helping vulnerable families build strong foundations that lead to later life success. In Mississippi, less than two percent of families who need home visiting receive services. For this reason, the Mississippi Early Childhood Investment Council advocates for stronger investments in home visiting in our state.

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