Report | December 10, 2023

Cultivating Success though Evidence-Based Home Visiting Programs in New Mexico

Voluntary home visiting programs help improve the economy, increase public safety, and make our nation more secure

Growing up in a stable and stimulating environment with nurturing caregivers is paramount for optimal childhood development. For new and expectant parents who face barriers or challenges (such as low incomes or substance use issues) that may limit their capacity to provide the needed nurturing and environmental conditions, voluntary home visiting programs offer support and resources—such as prenatal care, parental coaching, developmental screenings, and community resource linkages—which can help prevent an array of negative outcomes.

High-quality home visiting programs give the entire family unit a better chance of escaping poverty and becoming self-sufficient. Investing in these programs creates positive economic benefits and strengthens both today’s and tomorrow’s workforce.

Thomas Arenberg, Retired Managing Director of Accenture

Home visiting programs have myriad positive impacts, including: increasing family self-sufficiency; cultivating children’s academic success; preventing child maltreatment and child health problems; curbing substance misuse; and reducing mental health issues. Given these impacts, home visiting programs can bolster public safety, economic prosperity, and national security in the long-run.

Maltreated children are five times more likely to be arrested as juveniles. Home visiting gives young parents and caregivers essential resources to raise their children in a nurturing environment and set them up for success.

Adan Mendoza, Sheriff of Santa Fe County

Greater investments in home visiting programs across New Mexico would help to put children and families on a strong path, unhampered by health and social barriers—increasing their potential to fully participate in building a thriving and prosperous state. Increased resources would help more families build foundations for future success and help reduce the lifelong impact of early childhood adversity. Ultimately, home visiting programs create stronger families and strengthen the fabric of our communities, which helps increase public safety and national security and reduce burdens on taxpayers throughout New Mexico.

Obesity is a major disqualifier for the three-fourths of New Mexico youth who are ineligible for military service. Home visiting programs are a powerful tool to foster healthy eating habits early in a child’s life.

Brigadier General (Ret.) Jack R. Fox, U.S. Army


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