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Military Leaders and Law Enforcement Agree: We Need More Investment in Early Childhood Mental Health

Council for a Strong America Released a Report at the Georgia State Capitol on the Importance of Early Childhood Mental Health Programs

ATLANTA, GEORGIA- Today, members of Council for a Strong America released a report on the importance of investing in early childhood mental health programs. The event took place at the State Capitol, where Rear Admiral (Ret.) Casey Coane and Atlanta Public Schools Chief of Police Ronald Applin discussed the importance of these programs.

The report, “Early Childhood Mental Health Is Key to Georgia Kids’ Success”, details how investments in early childhood mental health programs are not just important for helping children build a foundation for future education and well-being, but also critical for our public safety and national security. The members detailed why the state legislature needs to go above and beyond the current budget laid out by Governor Kemp to invest in early childhood mental health programs, and therefore help children in Georgia live healthy, successful lives.

“My fellow Mission: Readiness members and I call on the legislature to ensure our state budget bolsters early childhood priorities — including mental health — because in order to strengthen our country we must give our children the ability to grow into productive citizens, starting at the earliest ages—in child care and preschool. Our country and its national security demand it,,” said Rear Admiral Casey Coane, U.S. Navy (Ret.).

“I am a member of Fight Crime: Invest in Kids because research and experience repeatedly demonstrate that we cannot expect to simply arrest, prosecute, and incarcerate our way out of crime and violence. The job also demands wise prevention strategies that make a positive difference: greater investments in early childhood priorities, such as mental health services, are one of those strategies,” said Ronald Applin, Chief of Police for Atlanta Public Schools.

The members were joined by Mindy Binderman, Founding Executive Director of the Georgia Early Education Alliance for Ready Students (GEEARS).

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