Event | Event | February 20, 2024

Georgia State Senate Proclaims February 20th as “Mission: Readiness Day”

State lawmakers joined Mission: Readiness members to issue the proclamation at the Georgia State Capitol

ATLANTA, GA- Today, the Georgia State Legislature formally adopted a resolution in support of Mission: Readiness, the bipartisan, national nonprofit organization of over 800 retired admirals, generals, and other military leaders dedicated to strengthening national security by ensuring America’s youth stay in school, stay fit, and stay out of trouble.

The resolution shares the state legislature’s support for the efforts and membership of Mission: Readiness in Georgia. The resolution acknowledges the critical need for healthy, educated, and prepared young individuals for military service and other paths of life, highlighting the challenges faced by today’s youth in qualifying for military service due to health, education, and social factors.

With 77 percent of young Americans aged 17 to 24 currently unable to qualify for military service, the resolution emphasizes the importance of early childhood development and the role of Mission: Readiness in advocating for policies and programs that support the health, education, and preparedness of Georgia’s youth — factors that can mitigate ineligibility. The event underscored the Georgia General Assembly’s commitment to enhancing national security by fostering the next generation’s readiness for service.

Speaking at the event were Mission: Readiness and Council for a Strong America Board Member Rear Admiral Casey Coane, U.S. Navy (Ret.) of Woodstock, GA. He was joined by Senator John Albers.

“It is a great honor to be here today and represent Mission: Readiness as the Georgia Senate recognizes the importance of the work that we do. It is vital, not just for our national security but for the health and success of our youngest citizens, that we do everything that we can to keep them healthy and educated. I thank Senator Albers for putting forward this resolution, and the Georgia State Senate for accepting it,” said Rear Admiral Casey Coane, U.S. Navy (Ret.).

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