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Law Enforcement and Military Leaders Agree: No Family Co-Pays for Maryland Children

ANNAPOLIS, MD- Last week, Council for a Strong America was in Annapolis with members of Fight Crime: Invest in Kids and Mission: Readiness advocating for investments in early care and education.

On Wednesday, February 21st, 2024, Fight Crime: Invest in Kids member Sheriff John D. B. Carr of Prince George’s County traveled to the House of Delegates to provide testimony to the Education and Economic Development Subcommittee.

Sheriff Carr’s written testimony focused on making sure that the current budget amendments in Maryland do not include bringing back family co-pays for the Child Care Scholarship Program.

“Child care is a public good- one of the most effective ways to prevent crime is to provide children with a foundation for success from their earliest years. From birth through high school, children need strong parents and effective programs and support to grow up to reach their potential. However, every child does not have that same start out of the gate. As public officials, we must recognize that giving kids the right start in life can prevent later crimes, as shown by several rigorous studies,“ said Sheriff Carr, in his testimony.

He concluded by stating that if Maryland fails to invest effectively in its children, all Marylanders pay the price—in taxes for criminal justice costs, costs to businesses, and costs to the victims.

Our advocacy in Annapolis continued on Friday, February 23rd, when Mission: Readiness member Major General (retired) Sanford Holman of Howard County provided in-person testimony to the Maryland Senate Budget & Taxation Committee’s Education, Business and Administration Subcommittee.

“Strengthening investments in the expansion of quality child care can help sustain the current workforce, promote healthy living, build the future workforce, contribute to public safety, and enhance national security,” said Major General Holman.

Major General Holman concluded his remarks by urging the Maryland state legislature to keep the Child Care Scholarship Program affordable for families by voting against the inclusion of additional copayments.

“The United States Military has some of the best family support systems in the world, including child care. It’s time to replicate that in the civilian world. Beyond the immediate need to improve child care, the future competitiveness and readiness of our country are predicated on raising healthy and productive youth who can go on to serve in all facets of society, including our armed forces,” said Major General Holman.

Maryland law enforcement and military leaders are in agreement: early care and education is an investment that will pay for itself in the long run, and keeping it affordable for working families is essential to the prosperity of all Marylanders.

  • Sheriff Carr photo with Delegate Harris

    Sheriff John D. B. Carr and Delegate Kevin Harris

  •  Major General Holman with Senator Benson and Jamar Day

    Major General Sanford Holman (Ret.) met with Senator Joanne Benson

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