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ReadyNation Releases New Report that Demonstrates the Estimated Costs of Ohio’s Child Care Shortage

Toledo Community Leaders React to Growing Economic Impacts Of Ohio’s Child Care Crisis

Holland, OH – Toledo business and community leaders released a new report from ReadyNation showing Ohio’s infant and toddler childcare crisis costs families, businesses and taxpayers an estimated $3.85 billion each year. Just four years ago, the estimated impact was less than half as large.

The report, Insufficient Infant-Toddler Child Care Costs Ohio $3.85 Billion Annually, lays out the deep impacts of the child care crisis and the dire need for expanded state investment, as well as encouraging policymakers to work to lessen the burden. While Governor DeWine presented his State of the State address highlighting his concerns for early care and education investments today, business and community leaders gathered in Holland this morning at All 4 Kids to discuss the current crisis and steps that should be taken. Participants included Amanda Goldsmith, Vice President and Director, Client & Community Relations, PNC Bank; Reverend John C. Jones, President and CEO, Hope Toledo; Cyndy Rees, ReadyNation State Director; and Camille Harris, Owner, All 4 Kids, and Community.

“Since its inception 20 years ago, PNC Grow Up Great has focused on high-quality early childhood education, which we view as a critical component of high-quality childcare,” said Bill McDonnell, PNC regional president for Toledo. “Research has proven that the return on investment in high quality early education and school readiness initiatives are significant and help create stronger communities. The ReadyNation report highlights what we know to be true, a lack of support for our littlest learners and their care has a troublesome impact on our communities.”

ReadyNation Ohio commissioned a survey of working parents of infants and toddlers in Ohio. The survey sampled 408 parents, both mothers and fathers of children ages birth to three. Eighty percent of working parents surveyed reported that access to child care presents a challenge and more than half said it is a significant challenge to find child care that is either affordable (59 percent) or high quality (55 percent).

“The cost of insufficient child care in Ohio is immense,” said Cyndy Rees, State Director, ReadyNation Ohio.

Between lost earnings and job search expenses, parents collectively lose an estimated $2.41 billion per year and businesses lose an average of $1,900 per working parent. The annual burden on Ohio’s businesses at $862 million; Taxpayers lose an average of $1,270 per working parent in lower federal and state tax revenue. This amounts to $576 million each year. The losses experienced by Ohio families, businesses and taxpayers sum to a total cost of $3.85 billion each year.

Reverend John C. Jones, President and CEO, HOPE Toledo used the report release to share good news about the work coming from the programs working with HOPE Toledo. “It is my express belief that multigenerational issues cannot be solved with single-generation solutions. It is not enough to provide preschool access and not address postsecondary attainment. It is not enough to provide a pathway for a young person to pursue postsecondary degrees and certificates without addressing the training and workforce development issues existing for adult learners. At HOPE Toledo, we believe we can address these issues collectively as a community.”

All 4 Kids Owner Camille Harris, who operates a 5-Star Step Up to Quality program, echoed the pressing crisis child care programs face in Ohio: “Without question, programs have long wait lists and a huge need for increased workforce. We need resources to offer our staff competitive salaries and benefits to ensure we have the staffing levels needed to support families in our community with the highest quality program.”

“Child care is the workforce behind the workforce,” stated Cyndy Rees. “Ohio has made historic investments in early education, but we must fully commit to supporting our parent, business and taxpayers by elevating child care as a critical tool for strengthening Ohio.”

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