Report | February 28, 2017

College & Career Readiness Key to California’s New School Accountability System

Law enforcement, business and military leaders are encouraging its school districts to strengthen college and career readiness metrics

California’s law enforcement, business and retired military leaders know that preparing students to be college and career ready is essential to public safety, a strong workforce, and national security. Students who do not graduate from high school—or graduate unprepared for college or career—are more likely to engage in criminal activity, be unemployed, and are often ineligible for military service.

Fortunately, California has taken a significant step to advance college and career readiness. In September 2016, the State Board of Education approved a multiple-measure College and Career Indicator (CCI) as one of a handful of state indicators that will drive the state’s new K-12 accountability system. This makes it clear that schools should concentrate on graduating more students who are college and career ready, rather than simply graduating more students, regardless of their skill levels.

Kids today need more than textbooks and test scores to succeed after high school. They need to develop skills that will enable them to work effectively in a team setting and act appropriately in the workplace.

Dr. Angelov Farooq, Partner of The Omnius Group

Our new report, Getting Ready for the College and Career Readiness Indicator, analyzes the different ways the state’s largest 25 school districts, which represent 30 percent of public school students statewide, address college and career readiness in their 2016-17 Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAPs). The report identifies several improvements necessary to better address the CCI and support college and career readiness in upcoming and future LCAPs.

The report also includes a district-by-district breakdown of college and career readiness goals for each of California’s 25 largest school districts.

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