Brief | December 11, 2017

Strengthening the Insurance Industry Through Early Learning

Giving Children a Good Foundation Benefits the Insurance Industry in Many Ways

Early childhood and the insurance industry may seem like an odd combination. But the first five years of life have a tremendous impact on children’s development into successful adults. Smart investments in early childhood care and education can strengthen the insurance industry by helping to lay the foundation for a skilled, healthy, and stable workforce who are better able to purchase insurance products and manage the risks of everyday life, mitigating everything from health care costs to property damage.

Early childhood programs help create adults with better skills, a must for the future of the insurance industry.

John Schlifske, Chairman & CEO, Northwestern Mutual

The future of the insurance industry and the U.S. economy depends on adults with important skills who also make healthy decisions about their lives. Companies can help themselves, their communities and their nation by supporting efforts that put children on the right path for their later economic success.

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