Report | December 11, 2017

How Ohio's Early Childhood Programs Help Children Reach Their God-Given Potential

Pastors and ministry leaders call on policymakers to ensure vulnerable children and their parent have access to quality early childhood programs.

Every child is full of God-given potential. Sadly, many Ohio families experience hardships like poverty, single parenthood, and addiction that put their children at-risk of falling far behind their peers before they even start kindergarten. Some of these children never catch up, and ultimately face the same problems as their parents.

Research shows that high-quality early childhood programs can help break this cycle. These programs, which include child care, voluntary home visiting, and preschool, support families at a critical moment while helping to prepare children for school. Down the road, they increase the odds that kids will graduate from high school, become employed, and raise strong families of their own.

Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.


In this report, we cite research that shows how high-quality early childhood programs can help engage parents as their children’s first and most important teachers and help children get a good start in life.

Ohio is only as strong as its families. Early childhood programs can strengthen our communities and help disadvantaged families and children find a path towards God. Ohio policymakers must maintain funding for parent coaching programs and support quality improvements in early childhood education.

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