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Illinois Execs Help with Child-care Outreach to Working Parents

One simple way businesses can make info available to employees

In releasing a report on the workforce significance of high-quality child care, business leaders noted a challenge in Illinois: Even after the reversal of sharp eligibility restrictions, enrollment in the state’s child care assistance program remains about 30,000 children shy of its customary levels.

So, in addition to urging policymakers continued help, employers and managers are pitching-in to ensure that more struggling, working parents are made aware of the child care services for which they might qualify.

ReadyNation has developed a flyer that can be shared with employees – for example, posted in employee break rooms, included with “onboarding” materials for new hires, and shared in company newsletters. Its aim is to suggest that interested workers explore their possible eligibility for participation in Illinois’ Child Care Assistance Program, which helps low- to moderate-income, working parents cover the cost of care during on-the-job hours.

“Parents are kids’ first and most important caregivers,” said ReadyNation member Athena Caballero of HireLevel, Inc. in Marion. “But sometimes, they need and seek a little help to ensure they can cover all their most significant responsibilities.”

When working parents can’t afford child care, the ripple effects extend to their employers, business productivity, and our economy.

Athena Caballero, Staffing Specialist, HireLevel, Inc., Marion

Athena Caballero, RN Illinois member

As a staffing specialist, Caballero describes her job as a “matchmaker” between employers and employees. Sometimes, she said, the lack of affordable child care is the biggest challenge separating a willing worker from obtaining or maintaining a good job opportunity.

That’s where ReadyNation’s efforts to strengthen the state’s child care program come in.

Our business-leader network is urging policymakers to protect these services in FY2019, as well as increase communications-and-outreach efforts to working families. In addition, ReadyNation is distributing our child care flyer through our network of executives, local chambers of commerce, and other avenues.

View the Child Care Assistance Program Flyer

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