Report | April 18, 2018

Industry and Postsecondary Education Partnerships Build a Strong Workforce

Transparent pathways increase access and success in postsecondary education and produce skilled workers for Alabama

In 2016, the Bureau of Economic Analysis ranked Alabama 27th for its $206 billion GDP. From 2010 to 2016, exports of manufactured goods grew by 52 percent, with vehicles ranking as the number one export to over 75 countries. Alabama’s top-performing industries need skilled workers to keep the state’s booming manufacturing industry, among other industries healthy in the years to come.

Since 2008, Alabama has improved its overall rate of educational attainment by 6.3 percentage points, but more progress is needed to ensure Alabama’s workers are competitive and businesses can find skilled workers. There are currently over 28,000 job openings in Alabama waiting to be filled by qualified workers.

It is critical that business and industry partner with postsecondary education in order to enlarge the pool of skilled workers. This is especially important for the manufacturing sector.

William Canary, President and CEO, Business Council of Alabama

Across the state, postsecondary institutions are providing the education credentials and skills that prepare students for careers in Alabama’s top-performing industries. Industry and postsecondary partnerships such as the one created by Alabama’s Community College System (ACCS) and the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC) Team Up to Provide Manufacturing Credentials.

When discussing the partnership, ACCS Chancellor Jimmy Baker said, “Manufacturing is more technology-driven than ever before and we’re excited to partner with MSSC to ensure that Alabama students are receiving the certifications and trainings they need to fill the high-tech, high-demand manufacturing jobs of the future.”

This report goes into further details on the importance of expanding industry and postsecondary partnerships to increase postsecondary access and success of Alabama’s students.

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