Resource | August 31, 2019

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Pennsylvania school funding is a problem for realtors and home values

Real estate professionals know that school quality is a major consideration for many home buyers. Communities with good schools are sought after by more buyers, raising real estate values. These higher home values, in turn, grow the local property tax base, to fund schools and other community resources. On the other hand, underperforming schools can have the opposite effect, deterring buyers, suppressing real estate values, and limiting the local property tax base. Inadequate state funding for K-12 education in Pennsylvania exacerbates this problem in struggling communities. Rising property taxes in low-wealth communities, combined with underperforming schools is a deadly combination for a real estate market.

There is a mutually reinforcing relationship between school quality and home prices.

ReadyNation’s PA Realtors Bureau acts on the research showing that home values rise and real estate markets benefit when school quality and student performance improve, particularly in communities with underperforming schools. Greater state investment in equitable public school funding can foster these positive outcomes for Pennsylvania’s students and communities.

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